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Outdoor storage cabinets with doors and shelves

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garden storage shed kits
Wooden garden storage shed

How to build the garden storage shed kits Step by Step in 2020

In order to learn how to build a storage shed cheap, you must follow the instructions we will give you first about how to build a shed foundation and then bring it all together.

How to build a shed from scratch video

How to build a shed from scratch

Steps to follow on how to build a small tool shed.

  • Check the layout of the land and look for uneven ground.
  • Decide if you prefer to install a wood foundation for shed or all the opposite making a pea gravel foundation for shed.
  • Draw and describe on a sheet of paper how to build a shed base on uneven ground first.
  • Mark the areas where you want to install the base.
  • Dig a hole if necessary.
  • Build the wood foundation for shed as a prior structure on the hole you dug.
  • Add a layer of sand or pea gravel to fill the foundation.
  • Lay a polyethylene sheet and add reinforcements.
  • Design the framework for the shed.
  • Join and secure the whole structure.
  • Complete the project by adding the last wood planks for walls.
  • Install some keter shed shelves or you can also spend some time building shed shelves yourself
  • Apply the best wood treatment for sheds against termites and weather. You can find really good and economic wood treatment chemicals such a sprays, oils and paint.
  • To give it the last nice touch is advisable to buy some red shed outdoor furniture, and check some garden shed decorating ideas to implement in yours.
  • Enjoy your new, easy and cheap garden shed.

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Wooden garden shed kits

Garden tool storage shed
Garden shed under 200

Many people think that garden storage sheds are decorative elements installed in green areas of the house, however, there are many possible uses of this product that are worth considering in order to get the most out of it, mainly because it usually involves a considerable financial investment.

After many years of buying furniture, all kinds of appliances and other things, many homes are overrun with junk.

It’s a shame to throw away things that are still in good condition and equipment that works perfectly. Wooden garden shed kits provide a safe place to store not only tools or garden furniture, but also other items that are too good to throw away.

In a large garden storage shed, these items can wait to be sold, so they are quiet useful.

We have the largest selection of modern and cheap prefabricated garden sheds for your garden.

Our costs vary depending on the quality and dimensions of the wooden garden shed kit that you choose, but most of the time will be a cheaper option in comparison with your own self build shed.

This means that you can find the perfect cheap garden shed under 200 for your backyard and get the space you need for utilities and much more.

Prefab storage shed

If you need to add space, a prefabricated storage sheds or outdoor accommodation shed is the perfect solution.

If you’re inspired by new ideas, you can install an inexpensive prefab storage sheds that will serve as a small and useful backyard shelter.

An outdoor garden shelter is not only indispensable for the safe storage of garden tools, also to remove thing from your house that are not use in everydays basics. Any garden tool storage cabinet or garden tool storage box would be suitable for this purpose.

Prefab storage shed
Safe storage of garden tools

Outdoor living shed

Also you will be able to accomodate a comfortable hammock on the small porch of a wooden garden shelter, where you can relax and admire your amazing garden, while you have a cup of tea or coffee prepared on the stove outside of the outdoor living shed.

Have a sink and running water to wash your hands, and a hose to clean your boots, here you can keep the seedlings to germinate in the shade.

Outdoor living shed
Wooden garden shelter

Winter insulated shed

Some period of the year, in some zones of the world is really cold, and there is not better way to protect your plants of dying frozen than with a proper winter shed or portable greenhouse for winter.

A shed floor insulation, shed wall insulation and shed roof insulation or shed ceiling insulation gives you the possibility to use the winter insulated shed in the coldest periods of the year, for example to store the least freeze proof plants there.

Winter insulated shed
Shed wall insulation

Backyard guest room

A small backyard guest room with a sink and shower, heating, and a couple of beds can come in handy after a party with friends, because if the question comes up:

“Who’s driving today?” the very simple answer is, “Nobody! We’re going to sleep in the backyard guest house with bathroom!”

backyard guest house with bathroom
Small backyard guest room

Wooden shed vs metal shed vs plastic shed

When talking about garden storage sheds there are commonly three types of materials to choose from:

Plastic storage shed

Plastic storage shed are easy to install and require no maintenance. A resin sheds 8 x 10 is the size reccomended by experts in the field. Small plastic storage shed are resistant to UV rays, temperature changes, and humidity. It is a very versatile material and can adapt to any environment. This type of material is recommended for humid or rainy areas.

Plastic garden tool storage shed small

Plastic storage shed
Plastic garden tool storage shed small

Wooden storage sheds

Wooden storage sheds is made of an aesthetically pleasing material that has the advantage of being habitable thanks to its insulating properties. The downside of this material is that it requires regular maintenance. Still, there are some important differences in these small wooden sheds.
– Treated wood: resistant to moisture, rot, and insects.
– Untreated wood: requires pretreatment.

Wooden storage sheds
Best wooden storage sheds

Prefab metal storage sheds

Prefab metal storage sheds are resistant to impact and corrosion, require no maintenance, and are a very practical material. It is also very easy to assemble and this type of material can prolong the life of the prefab storage shed. Since this type of material is light, it is not recommended in windy areas.

Prefab metal storage sheds
Large metal storage sheds

Aluminum storage sheds

The most common metal shed are the aluminum storage sheds which are the best version of it, with practically no disadvantages.

Best metal storage sheds

In order to facilitate different tasks in the home, it often results in the accumulation of manuals and appliances that occupy more and more space, so in some cases it is necessary to solve this problem by building in the garden area, and this is where the shed plays an important role, since it is no longer a purely aesthetic element, but rather a solution to various inconveniences.

Having a storage shed can be an advantage for everyone in the house, so it’s a good excuse for everyone to participate together. It means that the family can work as a team to maintain the garden shelter, but also to remodel and repair it, and building the hut from scratch can be a good family project.

The best 2020 garden sheds that can be found in both physical and virtual shops are usually in the form of a package that includes all the elements needed for assembly, so that the installation of the shed can be done in a simple and practical way. Moreover, it is an interesting and fun process if it is shared between several people.

Usually, the reason behind we looking for cheap garden sheds is because we don’t have space at home.

A good option is to buy a second hand wooden house or cheap second hand garden shed and furnish it with what you need to live comfortably, a really economical choice.

However, it can also be a fairly affordable solution to buy furniture for small spaces that, apart from fitting the dimensions of your cozy home, are usually smart, space-saving pieces of furniture that can be folded or hidden, creating new spaces where there were none before.

How to clean the inside of a wooden shed

In some cases, a small wood garden shed can function as an exercise in independence during adolescence . Not only can it be a private space for a young person during this difficult time, but participating in the renovation, maintenance and how to clean the inside of a wooden shed, can be a sobering experience.

Steps to clean the inside of a wooden shed

  • Remove everything from the inside of the garden storage shed.
  • Prepare the cleaning products as well as a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean and wash the inside of the living shed properly.
  • Give it any restoration treatment to keep it as new.
  • Put back inside all your things